Commerical/Residential Tinting



Cochran Auto Detailing, INC. is also an "IN HOUSE" window tinting facility.  We do not subcontract our installers. They are all her everyday.  We say this because if their is ever an issue, the matter can be handled IMMEDIATLEY as opposed to chasing someone down.

We are so impressed by the Suntek window film line, that we carry them exclusivley.  Their films can solve any issue in your household.

Why would I want my home or business windows tinted?

There are a variety of reasons why:


Want to save on Energy costs?

Are you too hot?    


Thought skylites were a great idea until you put them in ?


Want to spice up the look of your business?    


Too much glare?


Need privacy?


Customer/Employees complaining about privacy or Temperature?


Furniture and/or floors fading?

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