Q: What is the difference between a level I exterior detail and a level II?

  A: The major difference between a level  II and I is the longevity of protection.  When you take less time to prep, or wash, a vehicle; more contaminants stay on the paint.  Therefore, the finish is not dirt and grime free, making the sealants and waxes less effective. 

      Another difference is that scratches don’t get attacked as well.  A level I buff is a two-part process, where we use a topical glaze, followed it up with a wax. This will make your car shine beautifully, but if it had scratches, they will either still show up, and be filled in and show up later when our products wear off.

      A level II exterior detailing is a complete recondition.  Your car will come out as showroom new as possible.  Scratches (if not too deep) will be gone, not filled.  Your vehicle’s protection, with follow up maintenance, will easily last you 6 to 8 months in this New England climate.


Q: What is the difference between a level 1 interior detail and a level II

A: Two major differences: For one, if you have cloth interior, we do not steam clean your seats on the level I.  If you have leather, depending on the condition, we will only clean OR condition your seats.  If they are really dirty, we will only clean then.  If they are in good shape, we will on condition them. Basically, on a level I, everything gets touched once.

     When you decide to do a level II interior, nothing goes untouched.  In fact, everything gets touched two or three times!!  Cleaned and Conditioned, scrub shampooed, and steam cleaned with a level II…everything, from your trunk mat, to your seat belts!!


Q: When I get the vehicle back, will it still be wet?

  A:  If you leave your car for the day, your carpets will be 90% dry when you pick your vehicle up.  We ask everyone the refrain from putting you floor mats back for one day.  This is precautionary, so we do not trap any moisture between the floor mat and the carpet, leaving the potential of mold spores to grow.  That is often how you can get a musty smell in your car.

      We will also leave your windows cracked open.  That is just to assist with airflow.  You can roll them up when you leave.


Q: Can you tailor a package to fit my budget? 

A: Yes.  If you have a certain budget that you do not want to go over, bring the car down.  We can walk around it and come up with something together.


Q: Are you open on weekends? 

A: Yes, we are open from 8am to 2 pm on Saturdays.


 Q: What kind of wax do you use? 

A: We have a few waxes that we use.  Our favorite for this climate, and driving conditions is the entire Collinite wax product line.  Detergent proof, durable, long lasting, great shine… what more could you ask for!!!


Q: How far out do I have to make an appointment? 

A: From March to November, we generally run a week out, sometimes a little more.  December to February, we can usually get you in that week.  Hand car wash, wash and vacs, and superwashes are call ahead.  We can usually do them in the same day!


Q: Do I need to call ahead for a hand car wash? 

A: It would be beneficial to you if you called ahead first.  The town only lets us wash cars inside or on a water mat.  If you show up, and our bays are full, you may have to wait a few minutes.  If you call, we can tell what time our bays will be open.  During the summer, we have a water mat outside.  That gives us extra space to do any express details on the spot!


Q: What should I do if I have bird dropping, sap, or any other tree pitch on my vehicle?

 A:  Wash it off immediately.  Bird dropping and sap are terrible for you vehicle’s finished.  Prolonged exposer to these, will leave an etch in you clear coat.  An etch is a basically an exact outline of where the contaminant was.  The only way to remove an etch, is to wet sand and buff to affected area.  If the contaminant was left too long, and the etch is too deep, the only resolution is paint.


Q: What is the “five-year” protection that dealerships offer?

 A:  Basically when you purchase a "5 year sealant" or system 5, you are buying a paint warranty. Read the fine print. Most brochures say "protects your vehicle from bird dropping, sap, etc" for 5 years, but on the back of the brochure it says warranty voided with prolonged exposure to bird droppings, sap, ect.... The only way to maintain you vehicle, is constant maintenance. Keep the dirt off, and the wax on. We have many different packages that can accomplish that, without doing a full detail every time. Our packages go from handcar washing, to monthly programs, to full level 2 detailing.

Window Tinting FAQ's

Q: What is the Massachusetts State Law on window film installation.


A:  The states that any aftermarket window film must meter at no less than 35%, unless you have livery plates.  For information about this, click on this link:  www.tintlaws.com


Q:  How long before I can roll down my windows? 

A: 48 to 72 hours, depending on the weather.   Summer is 48 hours, winter is 72 hours.


Q: Why do I have to wait that long? 

A: The window film is installed with a solution that needs to evaporate between the glass and the film.  You cannot push it all out with a squeegee.  In the summer, the sun hits it and dries quickly.  In the winter, often times the solution will freeze first, then on a warmer day thaw and evaporate.  THIS DOES NOT EFFECT TO OUTCOME OF THE JOB, it just takes longer to dry.  That is why in the winter; it will take up to two weeks of dry time.  During the season, we ask that you do not roll the windows down for 3 days, and do not make any judgments for 2 or 3 weeks.  One good day of sun will remove any moisture solution bubbles; the problem is sometime we go for weeks without a nice sunny day!!

 Q:  What should I use to clean my window tint after you install it?  

A:  A non-ammonia window cleaner will be fine.  We carry a line in our Weymouth location.


Q:  I window film scratch-proof? 

A: No.  Window film is certainly scratch-resistant, but not scratch proof.  If you have a dog in the car, and they claw at the windows, it will scratch.


Q:  What is you warranty on window film? 

A:  We carry a lifetime warranty on the film we use.  We also have a Happiness guarantee.  If you feel that the job we did is not up to par, we will re-do it.  Window film is an imperfect science.  Our installers do everything in there power to make sure that your installation will come out as clean as possible.  From turning off fans in the shop, to wearing lint free clothing, Cochran Auto Detailing does it all!


Q: What is the quality of the work? 

A:  We are the HIGHEST IN QUALITY!!!  Our installers make sure that there is next to no gap at the top of the side windows.  EVERY back window we do is with one piece of tint.  There will be no unsightly seams in the middle of your back glass.  (Yes, Corvettes and Camaros too!!)


Q:  Do you do tint logos?  

A:  Yes.  Anything you want, we can do!!!  Any color, any size.


Q:  Do you do residential Window Tinting?  

A: Yes, Please refer to our Commercial tinting page.



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