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Our combination of passion for window tinting and many years of experience have made us one of the most reputable shops in the area.  SunTek™ window films carry a lifetime guarantee not to fade, crack, peel, bubble, or turn purple.  Cochran Auto Detailing carries a lifetime installation guarantee.  We take this seriously; doing everything we can to make sure that the job comes out as clean as possible. FAQs

Our company is an “in-house” (not subcontracted) window film installer.  Any issues are dealt with quickly and efficiently.



  Carbon Dyed Film Ceramic Film
Sun Strips $40 $65
2 Fronts $95 $160
Sedan* $250 $350
Coupe* $225 $325
SUV/Wagon $350 $450
 Full Pick up Truck $225 $325
 Full Pick up Truck
$250 $350
Other Specific Glass Price per Job

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